Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh come on?

Come on la..
Is it necessary to this to wikipedia??

Friday, January 13, 2012

i passed!

on 11.1.2012, approximately 1200, is my Malaysian Certificate of Competency oral exam.

my COC is Watchkeeping Engineer 750kW or more Unlimited Trade Voyage..

fuu.. agak cuak la kot..

dua orang sebelum aku tu da failed..

aku orang ketiga..

gabra abes..

ni soalan-soalan yang aku dapat..

examiner : Mr. Rahman Shafie

duration : 1hr 15min

- engineer watchkeeping duty, take over and hand over

- sketch four main engine indicator diagram n explain usage

- crankcase explosion, define, symptom, cause, prevention.

- sketch crankcase relief valve, state working principle, material use for valve

- scavange fire, define, symptom, cause, prevention

- start air line explosion, define, symptom, cause, prevention

- paralleling generator from preparing for start until load sharing.

- define the boiler terms, foaming, cary over, hammering, furnace purging

- blow down gauge glass procedure and safety

- describe three steering gear automation

- define type of steering gear and explain working principle

- sketch 4 ram steering gear and explain working principle

- sketch and explain fixed sprinkler system that may found onboard.

ni r soalan aku..

banyak an?

tp rasa mcm ada yg tetinggal..

entah r..


alhamdulillah aku dapat jawab..


i am a qualified Marine Engineer..


Thursday, January 5, 2012


Ni stand untuk scroll..