Monday, February 28, 2011

eh? ada tambah 2 jam?

pas balek Modular Course..

tengok kat jadual class..

ada extra 2 jam?


kenapa ada tambah 2 jam?

tengok Subjek pun ada tambah 1..


leh lak men tambah2 mcm tu?

hope la AutoCAD ke ape ke..


yang tambah..

subjek yg bunyi nye mcm boring..

"Maritime Law"

dah la last day class..

n petang..

kol 2 sampai 4..

memang tebaik..


Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 hari.

2 hari..

yang agak bz..


letih penat..

tapi seems like dia enjoy..


have a nice day!


wlau mcm mana pun ayg bz..
tetap msg sy..
nk sy join sx..
nk sy teman..
love u..

welcome back

lepas 2 minggu..

welcome back tu Terengganu..!

home sweet home..





kenapa an..

tiap kali balek sini..

terasa mcm barang makin banyak?


mcm x muat lak locker aku nieh?


Friday, February 25, 2011

aku perlukan....


aku pun nak dilayan jugak..




Modular Advance Fire Fighting




Situation 1.

"Engine Room on fire. Carbon Dioxide released. but after head count, one personnel missing. need to search and rescue the missing person"

aku akn story pe yg aku buat..
keje org len aku x citer..

Alarm sounded!!

aku n ecah, as BA Party..

terus p Boat Deck n grab BA set n pakai..

check smua equipment..

ok set..

masuk Engine Room yg gelap gulita..

aku masuk ngn ecah..

aku depan ecah belakang..

terus p Bottom Platform..

search missing person tu..

guna torchlight 1 je..

tu pun mcm nk kong je ba3 dia..

slowly jln dlm tu..

takut jatuh..


agak lama la jugak cari..

last2, jumpa kat dlm Emergency Escape Route..

ecah report mayat tu kt mana..


Rescue party datang..

rescue mamat tu..


training done.


Situation 2.

nnti cerita..





Engine Room Simulator Operation Training

memang best!

5 days course..

memang pack..

what is about?

engine room simulator laa..

3 days training depan PC..

4th days baru test kat dalam real simulator..


my group..

Chief Engineer : Aku
Engineer on Duty : Devi
Electrician : MJ
Engineer Cadet : Bulat
Oiler : Penyu

Situasi yg kitorang dapat..

"Dead Ship, kena hidupkan so that ley prepare tok jalan dlm masa 2hr"


mmg r susah an..

dengan sistem kapal yg "sikit"..

kena start one by one..

line up one by one..

lagi2 electric supply..


the thing yg paling cuak is..

blackout la an..


Reverse Power?

Alternator Trip?

n mcm2 lg..

penah sekali time training dlm PC..

Generator #1 aku Reverse Power..


luckily tak blackout..

Generator #1 on load..

nak masukkan Turbo Gen onload..

so, kena synchronize dlu..

dah synchro dah..

but suddenly frequency Turbogenerator naik..

Turbo Gen take load..

n Gen #1 reverse power sbb Hz lower than Turbo Gen..

nasib bek la Turbo Gen take load..

if dua2 x take load..

blackout la jawabnya..


kena la start one by one lagi..

ok ok..

back to simulator balek..

semua success!!

n kapal dah ready nk sail dah..

just use Diesel Oil je..


nk tunggu Heavy Fuel Oil..

mmg lambat laa~~


thanks team!

u guys d best..

evendo ada la something2 yg dah tejadi an..

tp xpe..

in real world..

kt kapal t..


jgn buat mistake yg sama..



pass with flying colors!


she loves me..



Oh Sudin


memang best r idea kau..

memang aku pun penah tepikir benda tu owh..

ye r..

sometimes aku rasa pe yg kau rasa jugak..

ye lah kan..

orang yang kita sayang..

sure nak jaga kan?

xkan nak bia mcm tu je kan?


tu lah..

aku cuba pertimbangkan dulu..

thanks bro..


aku dalam dilemma..

either nk amek Jalan Hidup A..

or Jalan Hidup B..

aku sorang manusia..

yg lemah..

n bnyak kelemahan..

x kira lah pe yg tejadi..

semua benda ada limit..

lagi-lagi tahap kesabaran..

sabar memang boleh bersabar..


still ada limit..


Ya Allah..

tolonglah aku..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Belajar ABC balik

arini belajar ABC balek doh..


tapi bukan tulis ABC..

lukis ABC..




oral test..

oral test for what..?

marine engineers after graduate..

they need to go for an oral test with Marine Department..

for what..?

before they issuing us 4th Class Certificate of Competency (C.O.C)..

we need to take that oral test..

its about what..?

EVERYTHING about ship..

kadang-kadang tu x kira soalan apa..

watchkeeping la..

main engine la..

boiler la..

fire fighting la..

segala lahh..


kenapa kena taw semua..?

if kapal kt tengah-tengah laut..

tetiba rosak..

nak panggil siapa tok service?

kami la..

tu pasal lah kena tawu everything from top to bottom..

from fore to aft..

cuak gak..


esok lecturer nak test..



tgok buku soalan oral yang selalu keluar..

mak ai..

TEBAL gila..


boiler saja..

mau beratus soalan ley tanya..

electrical appliances lagi..?

rules lagi..?




yaken bolehhhh..



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coral Bleeching


Title : The reefs, which attract some 500,000 tourists annually, will be off-limits to divers and snorkellers until the end of October in an attempt to relieve stress on the fragile marine ecosystems.

"Nine diving sites out of 83 sites all over the country are closed," Shahima Abdul Hamid, the Marine Park Department's director of planning and management, told AFP.

The closure would give the coral an opportunity to regenerate and would remove stress caused by tourism-related activities such as diving, the department said.

Islands closed
The department's director-general, Abdul Jamal Mydin, told reporters that in some areas 60-90 percent of the coral had been damaged, and that three entire islands around Tioman in Malaysia's southeast had been closed. "We are monitoring the extent of coral bleaching at all marine parks in the country. In the meantime, we are building artificial reefs and coral transplants," he was quoted as saying by the Star daily.

The Malaysian Nature Society applauded the move to give the reefs a break.

Apart from global warming, " corals are facing a vast variety of threats from uncontrolled tourism, and land-based threats which result in pollution," said the society's head of conservation Yeap Chin Aik.


Title : Top dive spots closed due to coral bleaching

ALOR SETAR: Several dive sites at two of the top diving destinations in the world — the Pulau Tioman marine park in Pahang and Pulau Redang marine park in Terengganu — are temporarily off-limits to divers and snorkellers until end-October.

They are among three marine parks — the other being Pulau Payar in Kedah — which are affected by coral bleaching, a phenomenon caused by global warming that has increased sea water temperature by 2°C to between 28°C and 29°C.

Marine Park Department director-general Abd Jamal Mydin said the affected dive sites in Terengganu were Teluk Dalam, Tanjung Tukas Darat, Tanjung Tukas Laut, Teluk Air Tawar, Pulau Tenggol and Teluk Bakau; and in Pahang they were Pulau Chebeh and Batu Malang.

In Kedah the affected sites are Teluk Wangi, Pantai Damai and Coral Garden.

Three islands in the vicinity of the Tioman marine park that have been temporarily closed are Pulau Regis, Pulau Soyak and Pulau Tumok in Pahang.

“The closure means that no diving and snorkelling activities will be allowed at the sites.

“In Pulau Payar alone, the damage to coral is estimated at between 60% and 90%,” he told a press conference in Langkawi yesterday.

The department said it would limit the number of visitors to Pulau Payar from 400 to 200 daily during the closure.

Abd Jamal said it was necessary to close marine parks and islands to protect the coral reefs which had turned white.

“We are monitoring the extent of coral bleaching at all marine parks in the country. In the meantime, we are building artificial reefs and coral transplants,” he said.

Each year about 500,000 tourists, including foreigners, visit each of the marine parks.

Reef Check Malaysia general manager Julian Hyde welcomed the temporary closure of the marine parks, saying the corals needed time to recover.

“Corals are like the human body, Although the body can recover from a disease, it still needs time to rest,” he said.

Current climatic conditions have caused water temperatures to rise, thus affecting the corals, making them vulnerable to predators and disease, he said.

“Human activities will also have an impact on the reefs,” he added.

Malaysian Nature Society’s head of conservation Yeap Chin Aik said the department should actively get local universities and experts involved in saving the reefs.

Ref 3

Title : WWF-Malaysia’s statement on Coral Bleaching

Coral bleaching occurs when coral reefs are stressed. At a local scale the causes of stress may include disease, pollution, sedimentation, cyanide fishing, changes in salinity and temperature, and storms. Mass bleaching events such as the one Malaysia is currently experiencing is primarily due to increased sea temperatures. Temperature increases of 1-2ÂșC above the long term average maximum can already trigger mass bleaching. In severe bleaching events, the mortality rate can be quite high. Corals can recover from bleaching events, but they must have support for factors that promote coral resiliency. Studies show that the recovery success of healthy coral systems is much higher than the degraded ones. Good water quality, high coral cover and an abundant and diverse community of herbivorous fishes are important conditions to promote coral recovery.

The closure of affected dive sites is a temporary measure to minimize further stresses to the bleached corals. However, it is important to take pre emptive measures against events like this by putting more resources into marine protected area management, preventing coastal and marine pollution and promoting sustainable fisheries. WWF-Malaysia hopes that the Malaysian Government will adopt and implement Ecosystem Based Management of Fisheries and strengthen Marine Protected Area Management and Integration.

WWF-Malaysia also hopes that the government would stand by its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in response to global efforts to minimize the impacts of climate change.


Title : Malaysia may close more dive sites hit by coral bleaching

Malaysia may close three more popular dive sites in the South China Sea which have been hit by coral bleaching blamed on global warming, an official said Wednesday.

Last week authorities announced the closure of nine dive sites on the tropical islands of Tioman and Redang until the end of October in an attempt to relieve stress on the fragile marine ecosystems.

The two islands are located off the east coast of Malaysia in the South China Sea.

Marine authorities said they were studying a proposal to shut down three more sites on Redang island after resort operators said they detected coral bleaching and wanted the diving spots closed.

"We have received the proposal, we will study it and verify the matter," a marine park official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The dive sites will only be closed if more than 60 percent of the coral has been damaged, she added.

The closure would give the coral a chance to regenerate and would remove stress caused by tourism-related activities such as diving.

Coral bleaching, which can eventually kill corals, occurs when stresses such as rising sea temperatures disrupt the delicate, symbiotic relationship between the corals and their host organisms.

The marine department has said 60 to 90 percent of the coral in some areas of the closed sites has been damaged.

The reefs in Redang and Tioman island attract some 500,000 tourists annually.


Title : Reefs at Risk: Conserving Malaysia's Coral Reefs

ni panjang. sangat panjang.

Monday, February 7, 2011

takkan bagitahu


yes i am penat..


in this kind of situation..

i will never ever tell her that i am tired..

ngantuk dah..

tapi x ape..

mood dia pun tengah ok..

bila lagi kan..?

now is d time..

spend time selagi diberi masa untuk spend..





"siti3.. Syed Syairazi bin apa?"



tiba-tiba bertanya..?


sungguh hairan beta..

buleh kah tuan hamba cerita..

mengapa ingin tahu secara tiba-tiba..??


terima kasih kerana ingin mengambil tahu..


Sunday, February 6, 2011


aku nak tolong..

memang ikhlas nak tolong..


kenapa aku tak diberi peluang untuk menolong

bila peluang dah datang?

aku nak tolong laaa!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boleh buat laa..


siapa kata tak boleh?

boleh je~


pergh.. turtle!
nyebok.. ley lak tekeluar ekor dia..

Magic Trick

penah tengok magician buat trick?

kadang tu tataw an macam mana dia buat?


bukan kadang2..



tiba2 je magic macam tu je kan..?

ade2 je trick dia..


ade ke trick yang dah kantoi awal2?


Kepada Sesiapa Yang Terlibat

weh korang2!




sama-sama kita usaha..

buang word IF tu oke yang?


Thursday, February 3, 2011

wehh..? mana kau..?



kata nak keluar hari Jumaat?

sampai midnight Khamis aku tunggu message kau..

tak ada pown?

aku try message..

tak reply..


lagi r tak angkat..

jadi tak jadi..?

aku dah la tak suka plan last2 minit..

if esok pagi-pagi bute baru nak ajak kuwa..

im sorry la..

i cant..

len kali lah beb if macam tu..


aku assume..

esok x jadi keluar..


*next time bia aku yang plan*


you are weired..



it make your self to be special than others..


other person is not weirdo as you..

you are also a good actor..

yeah i know..

y not u try to be in a movie?

i can bet..

for sure you'll be famous..


you'll gain a lot n a lot of money thou..

then u can buy anything that you wanted..

you can do whatever you wanted..

you can be whatever you wanted..

you can be with anybody you wanted..

you can eat how much do you wanted..

and everything lahh..

just becoz of your weirdo..

you can get what ever you want it..

this is my advice to you laa..

ops! almost forgotten..

u r stubborn right?

definitely you will reject my plan 100%..

ok ok..

doesn't mater..

as long as i already tell u what i want to tell..

with that..

i end my story telling..


*y do i laugh like that? gosh. am i also the weirdo? hope not*

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

kenapa doh?

time cuti..

cuti laaaaaaaaaaa!!

yang p sebok sangat nak buat kelas tu ape hal?

menyusah kan orang..

tawu la nk tunjuk rajin time cuti pun nk datang ngajar kan?

xperlu la smpai nk susah kan orang lain..

nk buat class..

tanya la persetujuan student..




ada paham?

if student tak ada, ko xde kerja beb..

tu words yang aku belajar masa kt sekolah dulu..

commandant aku pesan kat staff2..

"we all are here, becoz of this student"

n real!


if studen tak ada?

ko tah mana dah tecampak..

nk buat class tu..

dscuss la dulu..

time cuti la student nak relax kan otak..

taw la ko xde otak..

tapi x perlu la nk putar belit kan otak orang lain..

and orang lain akan putar belit kan orang orang lain pulak..


if nk buat class pun..

cari la reasonable time nak buat..

ni dah la jarak jauh2..

pe la salah buat dua hari direct?

kenapa xleyh?

sebab ko nk celebrate raya?

then tak ingat lak kat student yg nak celebrate cuti?




Mistakes are a part of being a human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.

When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

4.Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can't accept your imperfections, that's their fault.

if you really think that..

u were made a mistakes..

no need to worry..

the journey is still long..

before everything is too late..

i do many mistakes..

you does..

everybody in this world does..

think wisely..

for every decision that u want to decide..